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beach-imageIt’s December 2008 and the year is nearly over. And yet – where did it go?

It seems like we can spend inordinate amounts of time waiting for this to finish or that to be over and never really looking forward to a beginning.

And, some of us have spent our time wishing and wondering how we can “fix” the past 11 months. Perhaps you’ve been laid off (or fired) or looking for a job that will fulfill your dreams.

Maybe a relationship has ended badly (or several), maybe you are wondering if your dreams are still worth pursuing – you’ve been spending time in deep reflection.

You can no more change what you see in hindsight than you could the actions of the past.

We convince ourselves that we’ll be careful of “this” and not do “that” again, but life cannot be edited backwards. You have to make the changes along the way so you can live in a forward fashion.

The person you were in high school, or  college or even yesterday is not the same person that’s reading this post now.

Relying too much on past mistakes to steer you clear of future problems is trickier than it looks.

Living forward means understanding past troubles as exactly that – the past. What you knew then is so much more than what you know now.

So, embrace that and embolden yourself to take as may steps forward as you can.


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reporter-at-typewriterFor those of you familiar with Dan Savage, his latest column features some pretty basic career advice to a college co-ed with an unconventional career problem. In short, the writer expresses losing passion for her current major of study (journalism) and has decided she rather pursue online fetish modeling.

The “Kinky Co-ed” asks Dan Savage what’s the best way to approach her family with the (possible) career change.


Who would have thought job advice from a famed sex advice columnist would be so…blah?

In usual Savage fashion, he plainly responds by explaining that the newspaper business and the world of fetish modeling (actually, he says porn) are equally suffering a downturn. This is further complicated by the the democratization of information and creative content online.

The willingness and ability to do stuff for free (and therefore, broadcast the product via the internet) has changed the landscape of professional developement. Anybody can read the NY Times headliners with the click of a mouse, similarily, there are just as many people freely publishing (fetish) photos online.

Savage remarks that she’d be better off going into a career with more job security like banking or real estate.

Dita Von Teese would be floored.

But (in this case) Savage is right. Well, not exactly. He has a point – but he’s squashing the poor girl’s dreams way too soon. It’s the same premise that revolves around the mindset of attempting to make hundreds of dollars from blogging.

Although, there are exceptions to the rule and some people do make a good living from just having a blog – it takes time, work and lots more time.

Whether or not you are in college, when grappling with the idea of changing majors (or careers) be innovative, curious and open to reinventing yourself. And, most of all, be smart. Kinky Coed is obviously dismissing all the possibilities that could come from her journalism training.

Embark on a complete shift when professional passion wanes, this will inject it with energy while you discover its edge.

Combining two seemingly unrelated topics and making them relevant is a great way to start. Perhaps Kinky Coed could chronicle the life of aspiring fetish models (using her journalism skills) while setting up shop for her own racier interests?

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