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???My name has two realities. In one, I am a lawyer living in Chicago who specializes in commercial litigation. In another, I’m a writer living in Chicago who enjoys blogging.

The two realities are separate and real – I find it eerie all the same.

While still in high school, I applied to get my state ID and was forced to bring my mother and a yearbook to verify my identity.

It seems that the other Raven Moore’s picture was mistakenly connected with my information.

So, instead of my information popping up in the system, some “other” Raven Moore would pop up with my personal information attached to their picture.

Another time, a few years ago, I went to my alma mater’s yearly alumni event. A fellow alumni noticed my nametag and commented that he worked with a “Raven Moore” – but thought it was funny I wasn’t actually her.

“Small world,” he says.

Is it really a small world when someone else has the same name as you?

When I make appointments at my salon, they have to ask me which Raven Moore I am. They have several.

Another time, while working with a Chicago literacy program, I received an email detailing a list of volunteers and members. The email asked to make sure name spellings and bio information were correct.

I complained that my information was wrong – hey, I’m not a lawyer!

In reality, the aforementioned attorney Raven Moore, was a member of the organization as well – they forget to put the other Raven Moore (me) on the list.


And annoying as hell, too.

Besides feeling like my life is occasionally re-enacting that weird X-Files episode where Kathy Griffin played a psychotic twin, I don’t really have any interest in differentiating my name.

I think it would just get even more confusing: R. Moore, Raven A. Moore, Raven A.M. Moore (yes, I have two middle names) – it’ll just make things unnecessarily complicated.

Briefly, I thought about changing my name to a symbol like that guy Prince, but even he got wise to how stupid that seemed.

And, what’s even more disturbing is when I Googled my name last year, the first few sites that popped up linked to a porn star and kindergarten beauty pageant queen.

What were my parent’s thinking?! This takes hating my name to a whole new level.

Despite otherwise, I do like my name. It suits me. It’s also memorable, easy to spell and poetic.

I haven’t thought much about the other Raven Moores in Chicago who get confused for me (if ever).

It’s enough trouble trying to keep my hairdresser from dying my hair blond because the other Raven Moore liked it so much.

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reporter-at-typewriterFor those of you familiar with Dan Savage, his latest column features some pretty basic career advice to a college co-ed with an unconventional career problem. In short, the writer expresses losing passion for her current major of study (journalism) and has decided she rather pursue online fetish modeling.

The “Kinky Co-ed” asks Dan Savage what’s the best way to approach her family with the (possible) career change.


Who would have thought job advice from a famed sex advice columnist would be so…blah?

In usual Savage fashion, he plainly responds by explaining that the newspaper business and the world of fetish modeling (actually, he says porn) are equally suffering a downturn. This is further complicated by the the democratization of information and creative content online.

The willingness and ability to do stuff for free (and therefore, broadcast the product via the internet) has changed the landscape of professional developement. Anybody can read the NY Times headliners with the click of a mouse, similarily, there are just as many people freely publishing (fetish) photos online.

Savage remarks that she’d be better off going into a career with more job security like banking or real estate.

Dita Von Teese would be floored.

But (in this case) Savage is right. Well, not exactly. He has a point – but he’s squashing the poor girl’s dreams way too soon. It’s the same premise that revolves around the mindset of attempting to make hundreds of dollars from blogging.

Although, there are exceptions to the rule and some people do make a good living from just having a blog – it takes time, work and lots more time.

Whether or not you are in college, when grappling with the idea of changing majors (or careers) be innovative, curious and open to reinventing yourself. And, most of all, be smart. Kinky Coed is obviously dismissing all the possibilities that could come from her journalism training.

Embark on a complete shift when professional passion wanes, this will inject it with energy while you discover its edge.

Combining two seemingly unrelated topics and making them relevant is a great way to start. Perhaps Kinky Coed could chronicle the life of aspiring fetish models (using her journalism skills) while setting up shop for her own racier interests?

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Maybe I have no business writing a blog. Perhaps, I am one of those few people who shouldn’t use the Internet as a platform because I obviously don’t know what I’m doing.

I’ve been told I don’t have a focus. Or, I’m too focused on one thing and my blog is “misleading.” I don’t really agree with the latter opinion, but I really take issue with the first.

It seems like everyone wants to have their fixed state of dialogue – their niche. And, I guess that’s perfectly fine if you want to concentrate on your area of expertise. Before I even began writing TWS, I wrote down why I thought having a blog would be a good idea – this is what I came up with. 

  • I enjoy good storytelling
  • I like spreading a message
  • Artful presentation gets me excited (My blog’s CSS isn’t that great)
  • I want to connect with people

That’s it. Nothing else. My reasons may look a little (or more than a little) provincial to the more “hardened” blogger. But, that’s all I really needed. No, I don’t have social media expertise, consultant backgrounds or a extensive knowledge about [insert over sweeping subject here].

Keeping it simple and sticking to what matters at the core has served me far better than trying to complicate things with detailed “branding” and overly centralized ideas.

And no, I’m not interested in obnoxious pandering or self-centered musings, but I do have a lot to say – and want to hear what others think about it. I am aware that blogging is tantamount to establishing expertise within the context of a career, but, I’m still figuring my career out.

So, if anything, I’m inviting people along for the ride while they get to learn a thing a two about what it’s like to be a “clueless careerist” (I just made that word up – definition to come later).

And, while I’m at it, I’ll talk about things that I think others may find interesting, fascinating or just plain noteworthy – besides, we only have so many hours in the day, why not have someone bring a little fascinating tidbit to you for a change?

As a native Chicagoan and Gen Y-er, I have a love/hate relationship with Oprah, an indifferent affection for the Cubs, an appreciation for professional sputtering and a life that has led me on interesting loops forward, backward and in between.

I think that should be enough of a focus.

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