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Photo Credit: Guille @Flickr

Photo Credit: Guille @Flickr

I keep my tax information in a sweater drawer. Everything that should be important in my life is in a legal size manila folder next to a 10 year old Express sweater.

Half of my bills, mortgage documents and medical invoices are in an accordion file folder at my “home.”

I put home in quotes because, technically, I haven’t lived there in months.

I’ve unofficially re-located my life’s headquarters to my boyfriend’s condo. Oh sure, it’s a nice place to live – but I still have my “mortgage.”

My volunteer work and community journalism articles are stored on a flash drive. My boyfriend insists (nags) that I back up my data on the laptop or computer in the house. I assure him that I will, but I don’t. I’m a bit of a passive-aggressive procrastinator (sometimes).

I only do things in a hurry if I’m not told to do them.

Other than that, you’ll have to wait a month of Sundays for me to get it done. Maybe, that’s a trait I will need to fix. Not today. Perhaps, tomorrow.

I stupidly think out of some vain attempt to do it my way – “As long as I have the flash drive – why back up?”

That’s a very dangerous game, Ms. Moore,” my boyfriend would (inevitably) say.

Approximately 75% of my life is stored in bytes and drawers. My world is compartmentalized by electronic folders and Office Depot paper. I feel organizationally fragmented…bit…by…bit.

The old, sage advice is to leave your job at work and your personal life at home. I wonder how often those worlds whirl and mesh and blend within each other. What do you call work/life balance for those who don’t officially “work” but have way too much going on in their life?

I hate using such buzz words – work/life balance. I always thought, at some point, they always would be the same – the work/life part. Yet, in what case is your life never really work (and vice versa)?

In reality, one is probably only worrying about work/life balance until one part of the term is seriously missing from the equation.

And so, to make up for the missing pieces? My job hunt, my volunteer work, my finances and whatever else gets stored in various parts between the North and Southsides of Chicago. It would take a 1 hour and 25 minute trip to meld the spectrums of my dually fragmented, overly documented world.

I don’t itch to get another job, I just know I need to get another job. My only fear resides within the realms of money, not professional continuity. I am wondering if that makes me an unrealized outlier of the Gen Y group. Parts me wants to prove the other parts of me wrong.

Plainly, they are the bits and pieces that managed successful job hopping and a house renovation.

Yet, they simultaneously tango with the parts that cling to self-doubt and dissatisfaction.

I have trouble keeping track of those accomplishments and the goals I set for myself because they are physically (and mentally) hiding. They are in computer hard drives, flash drives, accordion file folders, home offices 2 El rides away and sweater drawers.

So, I am thinking I will have to learn to blend my life into another kind of balance.  I will have to (re)create that sweet spot of stableness and (re)discover my organizational center.

After all, the center is where the strength lies. Without it, we just become missing pieces that dwindle…bit by bit.


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technoI’m having serious problems.

Well, that may be a serious overstatement, but I’m trying to make a point.

My blood pressure seems to rise when I can’t log into my hotmail account – which I’m having trouble doing now. Yet, I’ve been without a cell phone for 3 days and I don’t miss it. That can only mean a few things things:

  1. I’m seriously in need of a technology check up – why rely on email for communication when you can practically send ANYTHING by text message?
  2. I truly believe the US government invented cell phone technology to give everyone brain cancer thus rendering us to be even more passive and mindless when it comes to government policy.
  3. I’m one of those communication cro-magnons that will ALWAYS email you even though you just called me on my cell phone 5 minutes ago.

I’ll take door number three. Yep, I’ll admit it. I get really panicky if I can’t check my email, but I could care less if I several phone messages are waiting for me on my cell phone. I live to email people – I reserve actual phone conversation for people I love (and even they may not hear from me for DAYS).

I much prefer email, but I may be biased – any excuse to type UN-abbreviated words with both hands always gets me going.

Perhaps my techno-dependency is not as bad as it could be, especially since cell phone texting is the leading cause of death of young people ages 16 to 24 (*my own statistic – challenge me, I dare you).

In reality, becoming a slave to technology is having so much of an effect that legislature is being passed. The honorable Mayor Daley wants to doubly make sure you don’t go the extra mile to send ” I LUV U” texts to Grandma while you drive.

Frankly, this only justifies my idea to get RID of my cell – what fun is it to have one if I don’t have the option of running defenseless pedestrians off the road while I text my boyfriend to pick up an extra box of Cheez-its when he goes grocery shopping?

There are blackberrys, iPhones, GPS trackers – how does one keep up? You’ve gotta have patience when dealing with those things (have you seen their operating manuals? It’s like studying for the Bar!). The english language has vamped to:

“The connection speed is way too slow”
“The user interface is so choppy – I’m downloading a new platform”
“The graphics are s@!*”

Now people, this is not about crappy technology – that’s a whole other post – I’m just advocating patience in the face of being dependent on technology. Not everything should be fast or have bright, sharp, clear graphics or funky computer applications that allow you to animate your Rottweiler wearing a tutu.

Sometimes, things should just be s  l  o  w, mundane and completely uninteresting. Know why? Because that’s LIFE (only sometimes). And not being able to wait until YOU STOP DRIVING so you can send a photo of your best buds mooning the poor girls at Club Excalibur has nothing to do with technology being obnoxiously convenient-it’s most likely about you being in absolute rush to show friends (and strangers alike) just how much of a jerk you like to be.

After all, there are just some things that are beyond our control – we can’t all text grandma while driving and we can’t always have (or should have) 24 hour access to our email accounts.

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Wow. I have to admit, I’m a little late to the game. It seems as though everyone in the world (with the exception of me) has managed to start a blog post. 

As someone who likes to think of herself as someone well versed in the various modes of communication – I have to admit I must have been living in an absolute state of delusion for thinking blogging was unnecessary. 

[Insert “What the @*?! do you mean?” comment here]

Yet on a whim and nothing better to do – I create a blog post at the suggestion of a friend and research what seems to be an endless maze of blogging websites. With so many places to blog and bloggers BLOGGING- who’s actually reading these things? Sheesh – who’s reading this?

Wait – don’t answer that.

But, I have to admit that as I sit here catching glimpses of old Adult Swim episodes and playing fetch with my family’s new mini pinscher – creating my blog post has been kind of…anticlimactic.

But, perhaps that’s anticlimactic in the good way. Technology has that effect on people, I think. You have to admit that as long as blogging has been around, it’s kind of hard to be impressed whether or not one has a blog post or not – especially now.

But I’m not here to trivialize the act of blogging or whether or not there are enough people reading blogs to support blogging, period.

Mainly, as this is my very first post ever – I’d like to say a big HELLO to all my fellow bloggers out there and I look forward to writing (something A LOT more interesting) in the future.

But, since I always like to end things in an open ended way – has anyone else been “late to the party” on something? In other words (take for example, my first blog post), what sorts of things in life do you feel you missed out on only to enjoy them after it seems the allure has faded?

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