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Q. Hey Writerbabe, what’s up with the banner and the weird key thingies in it? And, how come you don’t have a real photo? What kind of blog is this?

Update: Obviously, if you are reading this post – you’ll notice I no longer have a typewriter key banner or silhouette avatar. Yet, just because those things have changed – the meaning behind my blogging hasn’t. In essence, I’ve only added a few more details that better visualize how I want my readers to see me. A girl with a laptop – waiting to have conversation… with you.

Hmm, interesting question, my friend. And, I’m so glad you asked. I like to think of myself as a somewhat creative person. And usually, we creative folk like to make little abstract pieces of je ne sais quoi to girltyping7illustrate certain points.

But, for the sake of not sounding like some hoity toity weirdo, I will explain a) the reason behind my typewriter key banner and b) why I use my funky little icon.

First things first, I like typewriters. I know, I know – in an uber cool world full of changing technologies, Mac books and iPhones, a typewriter just sounds…old. Clunky, noisy and ugly in more ways than one, a typewriter is not on the list of techno-must haves.

Also, at the risk of dating myself, I first learned to type on a typewriter. For me, typewriters are about origins and beginnings. You can see a message come “alive” when you use a typewriter.

Typewriters are imperfect. They are relics and predecessors at the same time. They are a lot more fallible because they are more dependant on the writer (you) to be right the first time. However, being right the first time is not always possible. The mistakes you make require that you go backwards, but you only realize the errors until you are done.

Typewriters are little metaphorical (to me) about life.

But, that’s why I like them. Each bang, clank and click of a typewriter is hearing written work transform into productive sound. You cannot get that on your ultra-quiet keyboard.

Oh, and the keys.

On my banner, they appear as a disassembled array. But, you know they belong to something much larger. Each key has a purpose, a letter or some function when fused together create a message.

That’s what my banner means for me and my blog. It represents how the tiny parts work together to spell out a story – my message. On their own, they may appear to be a jumbly mess with no other purpose than to just be, but it’s all so much bigger than that.

My icon. You think I should have my mug shot on my blog don’t you? Go on, say it. All the teasing blogophiles will say,”Blogs are about conversation, Writerbabe – why do you have a silly little icon of a girl typing on a computer in silhouette?”

Easy. I think it’s perfectly fine to have a picture of yourself on your blog – after all, it’s your space to do whatever you want.

Nevertheless, I take bad pictures and I don’t want to subject my poor readers to blurry, self-taken photos. Besides, the silhouette girl shows me just as I am. And, although the blogosphere can feel like a totally devoid space full of voices chattering, talking and blabbing points across all boards – it can also feel like no one is really listening, absorbing and tuning in to what’s being spoken (…written, actually).

Well, maybe with the exception of the silent lurkers.

But, all that aside, I’m tuned in to you because I’m sitting at my computer. I’m sharing my thoughts (while getting yours) on life’s infinite conundrums. You are connected to me because you are reading this post.  Right now. I am connected to you because I’m writing for you, to you and about you. This very minute.

We are communicating via the mysterious vastness of cyberspace. We’re all girls and boys typing at a computer initiating dialogue with the world. We send our messages wanting to be heard and (hoping to) learn in the process, too.

That’s what we are doing. Period. When bloggers create real, live communities outside of the blogosphere – it’s an amazing experience. The realness of what happens inside the blogosphere is the same realness that happens outside of it.

I am a person who has issues to worry about, bills to pay and a life to figure out – but I am also a writer looking to connect with others about the same things as well.

My girl icon is mysterious. Blogging is a little mysterious. If it were totally transparent, I don’t think many people would do it. If the answers about everything were so readily available, then no one would need to blog.

If there was no desire to ask anything – nothing would be questionable. The mysteriousness comes from the need to scrape at the surface – to get to the transparency.

That’s me, my icon – my girl in silhouette – someone looking to scratch the mysterious surface.

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Hi Readers,
You can also catch new segments of TWS on Alltop under the Work/Career Section.  If you are a blogger looking for fresh content (or want to find new, interesting blogs) and want to be featured – click here. It takes a bit of time to get your blog listed. So, don’t be like me and apply twice in a row (and have your blog listed twice! I’m sure they have that fixed now, of course).

If you need a reason to join Alltop – Chris Brogan can tell you better than I can.

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Frankly, I don’t know.

In the coming days, I hope to post some thoughts about life (maybe even include my life in the mix), Chicago and a whole bunch of other cool/nitty/exciting/titillating/newsworthy stuff that make up a dynamic and cool blog.

But, perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Let’s hope that I don’t get writer’s block so extreme that I end up one of those shameless jerks who ends up blogging about their dead pet cat (no offense to all you dead pet cat lovers). But in the meantime, I thought I’d post my inspiration for blogging and I’ll be back real soon…


TWS (as usual) is undergoing a transition. I don’t think anything will change and I still stick to what I said before. I just want you to know that if things do change…it’s only for the better.

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Wow. I have to admit, I’m a little late to the game. It seems as though everyone in the world (with the exception of me) has managed to start a blog post. 

As someone who likes to think of herself as someone well versed in the various modes of communication – I have to admit I must have been living in an absolute state of delusion for thinking blogging was unnecessary. 

[Insert “What the @*?! do you mean?” comment here]

Yet on a whim and nothing better to do – I create a blog post at the suggestion of a friend and research what seems to be an endless maze of blogging websites. With so many places to blog and bloggers BLOGGING- who’s actually reading these things? Sheesh – who’s reading this?

Wait – don’t answer that.

But, I have to admit that as I sit here catching glimpses of old Adult Swim episodes and playing fetch with my family’s new mini pinscher – creating my blog post has been kind of…anticlimactic.

But, perhaps that’s anticlimactic in the good way. Technology has that effect on people, I think. You have to admit that as long as blogging has been around, it’s kind of hard to be impressed whether or not one has a blog post or not – especially now.

But I’m not here to trivialize the act of blogging or whether or not there are enough people reading blogs to support blogging, period.

Mainly, as this is my very first post ever – I’d like to say a big HELLO to all my fellow bloggers out there and I look forward to writing (something A LOT more interesting) in the future.

But, since I always like to end things in an open ended way – has anyone else been “late to the party” on something? In other words (take for example, my first blog post), what sorts of things in life do you feel you missed out on only to enjoy them after it seems the allure has faded?

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